Bayon Holdings through its highly enthusiastic and elite team aim to alleviate
global warming by introducing Polution Free Power Generators (PFPG)

About Us

who we are

Bayon Holdings was formed on 2015 with a intent of provision of Clean Technological solutions to problems Botswana and Africa faces in Electricity provision and supply.

With this Objective Bayon Holdings through its highly enthusiastic and Elite team ‎,Introduced a Clean Technological innovation in Electricity Production Units named Pollution Free Power Generators (PFPG).

PFPG proves to be the Global Warming enemy in the Industry due to the fact that it does not emits fumes or rely on any fuel or outside source for its electricity production.‎ This Tech-pieces boasts to be 100 percent none Pollutant and they sufficiently supply electricity for household uses.

innovation + clean technology =